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Ecolabel Certification

Ecolabel Certification

Ecolabel Certification is one of the three steps implemented in timber ecolabeling practice. The three steps are as follows:

Forest Resource Certification

To provide information that in managing certain forest areas, guarantees have been given to retain the forest sustainability for the following elements: production/economy, ecological/environmental, and social functions.

In this case, the Ecolabel certification is at the management unit level.

Timber Tracking

To provide information that timber used as raw materials in the industry originated from Ecolabel certified forests.

Forest Product Labelling

To provide information that aside from meeting the standard of Ecolabel certification and Timber Tracking, the processing of the products brings no negative impacts to the nearby environment.

Ecolabel certification is derived from the question: “How can the public, especially consumers, get accurate information about the Forest Management Unit’s performance in processing timbers of raw materials they purchased?”. For that reason, Ecolabel certification efforts are focused to seek for methods to acquire data on a forest management unit’s performance with regard to its ‘environmental characteristics’. Ecolabel certification is based on an external audit.

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