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About LEI Certification

The Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute (LEI) has developed a certification system to encourage sustainable management of natural resources. Natural resources, including forests, have a public function by providing environmental and social services that are essential for life and must be conserved. Utilization of the economic value of natural resources must be prudent by maintaining a balance with environmental and social values, as well as ensuring cross-generational fairness.

The sustainable forest management certification system was developed by LEI through an open process, involving the public and with the support of various parties. Furthermore, the implementation of certification measures the performance of forest management in forest management units and ensures the traceability of timber and other forest products to the processing industry. LEI develops standards that refer to international requirements and take into account the national context for forest certification to achieve sustainable forest management in Indonesia.

Skema Sertifikasi LEI

The LEI certification system consists of…

Notes on the process of compiling a Certification System

LEI Standards, LEI Guidelines, and LEI Technical Documents were prepared through various discussions with stakeholders through organizing seminars, workshops, limited meetings, small team meetings, and various consultations. (read more)

Sustainable Forest Management

Indonesia is the third country with diverse forest resources in the world after Brazil and Zaire. Forests provide many benefits for human life in terms of economy, social culture, and the environment. To be able to realize these three benefits in a balanced manner and fulfill the aspect of intergenerational justice, the management of forest resources requires wise and far-sighted considerations.

(Emil Salim, 1994)
Prof. Dr. Emil Salim
(Djamaludin Suryohadikusumo, 1994)
Ir. Djamaludin Suryohadikusumo

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