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Sustainable Non Timber Forest Product – (NTFP)

The Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute (LEI) has developed a Sustainable Non-Timber Forest Product Management Certification System (PHHBKL), hereinafter referred to as NTFP Certification.

The preparation of NTFP Certification standards has been started in 2007 and has gone through several intensive discussions among the Preparation Team and has invited several people as resource persons. The NTFP Certification Preparation Team was Didik Suharjito (Fahutan IPB), Siswoyo (Fahutan IPB), Wibowo A Djatmiko (LATIN), Alan Purbawiyatna (LEI), Wahyu F Riva (LEI) and Gladi Hardiyanto (LEI).

This NTFP Certification Standard has also been tested in 3 areas, namely in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in May 2009, Lampung in September 2009, and Central Kalimantan in October 2009.

For the trial in West Nusa Tenggara, LEI collaborated with the CONCEPTI Institute in Mataram and chose the location in the HKm Site Santong area, HKm Site Monggal area, HKm site Sesaot area, and HKm site Sambelia area.

For the trial in Lampung, LEI collaborated with WATALA and SHK Lestari who chose locations in the HKm area in Sumber Jaya and Tahura Wan Abdurrahman. Meanwhile, in Central Kalimantan, LEI collaborated with the KEHATI Foundation, which chose the location in Buntok.


LEI Guidelines — NTFP

Based on the results of trials and a meeting of the Drafting Team on 14 -16 December 2009, several things were agreed upon, namely:

The definition of NTFPs refers to the applicable laws and regulations, namely biological forest products, both vegetable and animal, along with their derivative and cultivation products, except for wood originating from the forest.

However, the NTFP Certification developed by LEI does not include standards for assessing the sustainability of NTFPs derived from animals and their derivative and cultivated products.

The NTFP standard developed is a standard derived from the PHAPL, PHTL, and PHBML Certification standards. This standard is generic based on area and product.

LEI developed NTFP Certification which can be integrated with the other three certification systems (PHAPL, PHTL, and PHBML Certification)

The basis for linkage with the other three certification systems is at the Criteria level. Meanwhile at the Indicator level, it is made specific based on the type group (especially in the production aspect).

The scope of this standard is only for NTFP pickers / collectors, not yet up to CoC for further NTFP product collectors / processors.

This standard can be used for small to large scale NTFP managers / collectors

Requirements relating to enrichment and/or cultivation of species and groups of species are not detailed in this standard due to the high diversity of NTFP products.

8. If the holder of the right to manage and/or utilize HHK in a Production Forest, then:

  • Management Unit must have obtained HHK management certification, or
  • Management Unit can apply for NTFP certification and management of NTFPs at the same time

The standard file for Sustainable Management of Non-Timber Forest Products (PHHBKL)-LEI can be downloaded here.

Files for non-timber forest product tracking certification can be downloaded here.

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Prof. Dr. Emil Salim
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